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Ozone Therapy Q & A

The gas known as ozone is colorless and comprised of 3 oxygen atoms. Doctors have discovered that it can be utilized for alternative therapies to enhance the body’s immune system while boosting its oxygen intake and usage. It alleviates disease by reducing the adverse effects of viruses, yeast, protozoa, fungi and bacteria.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a treatment that involves the use of ozone. Many researchers have concluded that it has multiple therapeutic effects which are still being investigated and the gas has been studied for over a century. Interest in ozone grew due to the fact that a layer of it rests in the stratosphere of the earth where it acts to shield the planet from the ultraviolet radiation of the son by absorbing it. Researchers found that ozone was also able to disinfect disease sites within the body. However, care must be taken when administering it, as ozone is toxic if inhaled.

Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

During World War 1, soldiers who were wounded on the battlefield benefited from ozone due to its disinfection characteristics and ability to increase blood flow while lowering inflammation. Today it has been successfully used to treat geriatric disease, arthritis, viral ailments, and cancer, AIDs and circulation problems.

Aside from its ability to deactivate viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria, it can also assist patients in healing faster. The blood circulation in the body is also enhanced since it cleans up the veins and arteries. The patient’s lymph system and blood will also be purified, and the production of both enzymes and hormones within the body will be normalized.

Patients suffering from chronic pain who have undergone ozone therapy have reported a reduction in discomfort. Those who have been recently injured or involved in an accident and who are bleeding profusely can use this therapy to both prevent further blood loss while shielding the body from entering a state of shock. Ozone therapy has also been found to reduce the damage from stroke, diabetes complications, while boosting the memory and function of the brain, which can greatly help those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. All these benefits make ozone therapy one of the most exciting medical treatments available today.

How Ozone Therapy Works

Since ozone is a gas, there are a number of ways in which it can be applied. It can be used in the form of olive oil which is ozonated and applied to the body directly, or it can be consumed in the form of ozonated water. It is also possible for ozone to be injected, a procedure which is popular among dentists. Perhaps the most advanced form of treatment is autohemotherapy, where the patient’s blood is extracted, combined with ozone and then returned to the blood stream. The gas can also be used in saunas or baths.