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Neuro Diagnos​tics​

Neuro diagnostic tests are done when a physician suspects that a patient medical condition arises from a problem with the central nervous system. This is typically the brain and the spinal cord. There are many reasons why a patient’s central nervous system could have a problem. It could be due to illness and there are a variety of illnesses that affect the central nervous system. These include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and many others. Another common cause of central nervous system problems is injuries. These can be road accidents, falls and sport injuries. Symptoms of central nervous system problems include dizziness, tingling, strokes, chronic headaches and much more. Neuro diagnostics help doctors to understand the root cause of the problem and to recommend treatment procedures.

About Neuro Diagnostics

Neuro diagnostics takes two approaches namely imaging tests and electrical pulse detection. Under imaging tests, there are tests such as MIRI scans, CT scans and PET scans) Electrical impulse detection includes tests such as EEG and EMG. To look at each of these tests in detail, CT scans involve the production of multiple cross-section images through X-ray technology. Doctors use a machine called Computerized Tomography to look at images of the brain and the nervous system. Using CT scans, doctors can detect tumors, internal bleeding, and clots.

Benefits of Neuro Diagnostics

Neuro diagnostics are critical in helping doctors understand the root cause of a neurological disorder. Without such tests, doctors would have very little options when it comes to understanding what is wrong with the patient and how to treat them. Modern neuro diagnostics can not only help the doctors find out about the patient’s condition, but the tests can also help the doctors determine how serious the condition is. MRI tests over a period of time can help doctors know if a tumor is spreading and how fast it is doing so. This, in turn, informs the approach that the doctors are going to take. Neuro diagnostics are also not very intrusive, and patients don’t have to undergo lengthy preparations in order to get the tests done.

How We Can Help

At Sports, Pain and Regenerative Institute, we have the latest in neurodiagnostic equipment. Our team of specialists is also able to run any neuro diagnostic tests that you need to be done and interpret the results for you. Once we understand what the problem is, we then work very closely with your doctors to design an effective treatment program tackles the root cause of the problem.

Why Should You Choose Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute for Neuro Diagnostics?

When you come to Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute, you can be sure that we are passionate about helping you get better. We will work with you and your primary care physicians to understand the root cause of your condition and to treat the problem. Our team of doctors has a wealth of experience and we have assisted many patients to deal with serious injuries. This means not just healing but also pain management. Our approach is to focus mostly on non-intrusive treatment protocols as much as possible. We also use a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates physical therapy and interventional techniques. Our objective is to give our patients the most favorable outcomes possible.

If you have any questions about our expertise in neuro diagnostics, do not hesitate to contact us by calling (201) 402-7802​ or sending an email to [email protected].