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Hip And Shoulder Labral Tear Solutions

If you are looking for experienced physiatrists and/or rehabilitation medical physicians who can treat injuries and illnesses pertaining to hip and shoulder labral tear injuries, Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute can help. Our team is comprised of physiatrists who have years of experience working with social workers, nurses, psychologists, orthotists and prosthetists, physical and occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. Our company will develop multi-disciplinary care plans to meet the needs of our rehabilitation patients.

What is Hip and Shoulder Labral Tear?

Shoulder labral tears can result from a variety of activities or events. Most often the labrum is torn secondarily to a dislocation or some form of trauma like a fall while skiing or sudden impact while playing sports. When the shoulder dislocates, excessive stress is usually directed to the labrum, causing it to tear.

The labrum is a fibrocartilage rim that surrounds the hip joint and gives it stability. This type of cartilage seals the joint, deepens the socket and protects the joint by decreasing the forces transmitted to the joint. A tear to the labrum can cause pain in the front of the hip, in the groin or side of the hip. The pain usually worsens with walking, pivoting or impact activities such as running. The pain also occurs at night and can be associated with clicking, catching or locking.

Common Hip and Shoulder Labral Tear Symptoms

Below is a short list of symptoms that patients experience when they are diagnosed with hip and shoulder labral tear injuries:

  • Loss of strength
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Instability in the shoulder
  • Pain when moving your arm
  • Stiffness while moving your hip
  • A feeling of locking when your hip is in motion
  • Deep groin pain or pain in the buttocks (on the side of the injured hip)

About Our Hip and Shoulder Labral Tear Solutions

Fortunately, not all labral tears require surgery. A combination of relative rest (avoiding activities that cause pain), anti-inflammatory medicines and a focused course of physical therapy are the first choice for the treatment of a labral tear. Many times, the pain, mechanical symptoms (popping, clicking, locking) and decreased mobility improve with these measures and the athlete is able to return to sport.

The physical therapy protocol is very specific to the individual and addresses the biomechanical faults that placed the hip at risk for a labral tear in the first place. It is very important for the athlete to address these issues to avoid re-injury.

Why Should You Choose Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute’s Hip and Shoulder Labral Tear Solutions?

Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute understands how sportsmen and sportswomen feel after sustaining an injury on the field. That is why we provide a wide variety of sports medicine solutions for our patients. Our doctors will help our patients get back to their active lifestyles in as little time as possible. You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our hip and shoulder labral tear solutions are affordable and will be tailored according to your individual rehabilitation needs.

If you have any questions about our hip and shoulder labral tear solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today. Alternatively, you may call us at (201) 402-7802​  or send an email to [email protected].